A Reflection on the DS4Js Program

Launching Ceremonty

On October 12th, 2021, one of my classmates shared with me a link from IITE that says DS4J. I asked him for more information and he said, “May it be beneficial for you.” I opened the link and read the requirements, benefits, and more. I got excited to see such a beneficial program for the youth. I told myself “this is so good program but I think they already selected the people they want and this is waste of time to apply”. For real, I did not apply at that time.

Days after, when I was taking a lesson and I was in a class, our teacher encouraged us to apply every job post on the internet that we could do it. He said “there is so propaganda in the city. You don’t know that this will be your day. So, apply everything”. After the class when I got home, I immediately applied the program. On 24th October, I was invited a technical exam. I got the courage again and realized you only have to try everything. Then I got a letter from the institute that congratulating me for what I did. After that, there was an invitation to interview. Luckily, I was one of 200 hundred Somali youth that have been selected to participate at this program after we did a good job on technical exam and the interview sessions.

There were 4 programs and truly speaking I wanted to study three of them. But since I was to select one program, I chose Graphic Design, the skill I was eager to learn at many times. At the beginning of the course, I was working a part time. There was a conflict of interest. I got only one option; I have to resign the work or I have to leave the opportunity I got from the IITE. I chose to invest myself and resigned my work. This was a good decision actually.

The program was contained three parts. Each part had its own contents. The first one was to learn the Graphic Design skill. This was a practical one and had many activities including class-works, challenges and a final project assignment. The second was a training towards how Up-work platform work which is for freelancers and companies. The last program, which is still going on, is Digital Entrepreneurship training.  This program is useful and it is intended to produce young digital entrepreneurs. So far, we have learned how to design a digital business and to prototype. Now we are building our digital businesses with Google Search engines, websites Google Analytics and making it well functioning.   I have learned the skill I wanted and still learning new skills. I met new people and like-minded new friends. This was so good actually. I am going to thank everyone of make possible this journey.

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